The Shaman’s Drum

The word “shaman” refers to a per­son who jour­neys to non-ordinary worlds or real­i­ties in an altered state of consciousness.

In his book, “Shaman­ism: Archaic Tech­niques of Ecstasy,” Mircea Eli­ade con­cludes that

Shaman­ism under­lays all the other spir­i­tual tra­di­tions on the planet, and that the most dis­tinc­tive fea­ture of shaman­ism — but by no means the only one — was the jour­ney to other worlds in an altered state of consciousness.

Shaman­ism is not a belief sys­tem. It’s a sys­tem of knowl­edge that’s based on per­sonal expe­ri­ence. The shaman jour­neys and brings back infor­ma­tion (heal­ing, spir­i­tual truths, etc.) for his tribe.

“Shamanic Heal­ing: We Are Not Alone.” An Inter­view of Michael Harner by Bon­nie Hor­ri­gan, 1997.  Avail­able here.

Shamans of Rock and Roll

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