My Introduction to Shamanism

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Indi­an con­juror” engrav­ing by G. Veen

My inter­est in shaman­ism began while read­ing Car­los Cas­tane­da as a teenag­er. Cap­ti­vat­ed by his writ­ing, I at last had a frame­work from which to explain expe­ri­ences I had from an ear­ly age.

Often while play­ing in the woods as a child, I’d sud­den­ly feel a shift in my per­cep­tion and the look and feel of my sur­round­ings would alter com­plete­ly. I would be in this state for sev­er­al min­utes before awak­en­ing back into ordi­nary real­i­ty. Read­ing Cas­tane­da gave me the lan­guage to explain these experiences.

Lat­er, while study­ing meta­physics at the Heal­ing Light Cen­ter (Glen­dale, CA), I learned about the tech­niques used by the indige­nous peo­ples of North Amer­i­ca. I also took a work­shop with Michael Harn­er that fur­ther deep­ened my expe­ri­ence with shamanism.

I began using jour­ney­ing and soul retrieval in my heal­ing ses­sions. And, I even got the chance to take a work­shop with Cas­tane­da him­self short­ly before he left this earth plane.

I then began study­ing the Tibetan Bön tra­di­tion which is shaman­ic at its core. And, here I am, years lat­er, still on a jour­ney to dis­cov­er a more mean­ing­ful reality.

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One Response to My Introduction to Shamanism

  1. Ed AKA "The Goose" says:

    Have you ever had a ani­mal spir­it come to you while you were ful­ly awake? A few months ago while think­ing about the Andean spir­i­tu­al path of the Q’ero, the spir­it of the Hum­ming bird came to me while I was sit­ting on my deck. Now I’ve been in touch with my spir­it ani­mals for many many years. But this hum­ming bird would not leave me alone. I could tell he was check­ing me out“I felt it was a male spirit“and I,almost nev­er wrong about this. He was fly­ing from side to side for the longest time. Now I won’t get mad at them but this guy was being, well put it this way I got up and went inside. He fol­lowed me to my couch and still flew around me for sev­er­al more min. WHY??!!! No one has helped me yet. Can you give me some insight. I do have a theory.

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