Still Waiting for the Age of Aquarius?

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Did­n’t it dawn in the Six­ties?  Bring­ing with it a world of peace and under­stand­ing?  Instead we seem to be mired in every­thing we were try­ing to escape.

Before los­ing hope, let’s con­sult our great cos­mic clock.  It takes approx­i­mate­ly 26,000 years for the ver­nal equinox to move through all 12 con­stel­la­tions.   By divid­ing 26,000 years by the num­ber of con­stel­la­tions (12) — we can con­clude that it takes 2,160 years to tra­verse one sign of the zodi­ac.  Add to this the fact that con­stel­la­tions lack clear bound­aries — and we’re left with a bit of ambiguity. 

Many astrologers are there­fore using 2100–2150 A.D. as the time frame for our move into the Age of Aquar­ius.   So, we’ve got a lit­tle time for some con­scious evo­lu­tion.   If we’re up to it.

The Pis­cean Age, with its sym­bol of twin fish swim­ming in oppo­site direc­tions, rep­re­sents our dual­is­tic approach to real­i­ty.  We’ve been learn­ing a lot about the polar­i­ties of good/evil, right/wrong, god/human, male/female, science/religion, etc. 

How­ev­er, many of our mys­ti­cal tra­di­tions have long under­stood that this notion of dual­i­ty is a con­struct of the mind — and not the true nature of real­i­ty.  It fos­ters a shep­ard and his flock men­tal­i­ty (which is actu­al­ly a holdover from the Age of Aries) — rein­forc­ing a blind, unques­tion­ing faith — and a depen­dence on spir­i­tu­al and polit­i­cal leaders. 

The sym­bol for Aquar­ius is the Water Bear­er — pour­ing water (divine wis­dom) down to the mass­es.  It includes an under­stand­ing that each end of the polar­i­ty (good/evil, etc.) is actu­al­ly a com­ple­men­tary pole on a larg­er continuum.

One pole can­not be denied at the expense of the oth­er.  The human and divine polar­i­ties are with­in us all.  God is part of us.  We can no longer look to our reli­gious lead­ers, politi­cians, or even our physi­cians for our truth — we must look within.

But, are we ready for that responsibility? 

“Pre­ces­sion and the Zodi­ac,” arti­cle avail­able on

Notions on dual nature of mind tak­en from teach­ings of Ten­zin Wangyal Rin­poche,

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