Saturn’s Fortifying Your Backbone

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Rais­ing the Djed Pillar

In Egypt­ian sym­bol­o­gy, the djed pil­lar rep­re­sents the back­bone of Osirus, King of the Under­world. It stands for strength and stability.

Sat­urn breaks down what’s not work­ing and builds new infra­struc­tures. It’s now mov­ing through the sign of Libra (in west­ern astrol­o­gy).  New foun­da­tions are being built wher­ev­er Sat­urn is tran­sit­ing. This is where we’re being called to strength­en our backbone.

Where is Libra in your natal chart? Sat­urn start­ed this project back in 2009 — and will con­tin­ue it through 2012.

Can you feel the difference?

For more on the djed pil­lar click here.

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