Baby Boomers Are Becoming Our Tribal Elders

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A trib­al elder is ven­er­at­ed for their expe­ri­ence, judg­ment, and wisdom. 

If you were born between 1937 and 1958 then you prob­a­bly have Plu­to in the sign of Leo.

(If you’re unsure — vis­it and input your birth date, time, and location.)

Those of us with Plu­to-in-Leo promi­nent in our charts have a pas­sion­ate need for self-knowl­edge and self-expres­sion.  How­ev­er, we can some­times appear self-cen­tered and even pride­ful in our approach to reality.

Accord­ing to Don­na Cun­ning­ham, Plu­to’s sign shows that gen­er­a­tion’s obses­sions — where they take them­selves too seri­ous­ly — and where they can go off the deep end.

Are you obsessed with fame and glamour?

Does every­one have to be a “star”?

Steven For­rest points to the “bumper crop of dubi­ous psy­chol­o­gists, gurus, psy­chics, and spir­i­tu­al teach­ers” that make up this gen­er­a­tion.  He sug­gests that if a spir­i­tu­al teacher is eager to be rec­og­nized as one… then they prob­a­bly aren’t one.

Plu­to-in-Leo, at its best, sym­bol­izes an “unself-con­scious, exu­ber­ant expres­sion” of our individuality.

Remem­ber the soci­etal trans­for­ma­tions of the Six­ties?  Tap into that vibration.

What inspired you then? Bring that for­ward into the now. The world is final­ly ready for that vision.

But, are you ready?

Don­na Cun­ning­ham’s, “Heal­ing Plu­to Prob­lems,” can be found online.   For her pub­lish­ing web­site, click here.

Steven For­rest’s “The Book of Plu­to,” can be found on his web­site.

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