Shamans of Rock and Roll

The Shamans of Rock and Roll

Our feature-length documentary explores the shamanic underpinnings in the lives of great rock and roll stars ...

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My Nanticoke Native American Heritage

My inheritance reflects the victories, defeats, and hard won battles of my ancestors. . .what a gift...

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Shamans Versus Priests

Do you know the difference?...

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The Reluctant Paco

What you're teased about could be your greatest gift...

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My Introduction to Shamanism

My introduction to shamanism began while reading Carlos Castaneda as a teenager. Captivated by his writing...

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Pergamum Aesclepion_featured

Imagine a Healing Theater Experience

You're in ancient Greece, at the Aesclepion, participating in a ceremony. . .entering the dreamtime. . ....

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Tibetan Sound Healing

The Bön Buddhist tradition of Tibet is one of the world's oldest unbroken spiritual traditions. ...

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Where Are You On The Sacred Medicine Wheel?

Where are you on the Sacret Medicine Wheel?...

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