Modern Generation Map

Map of the Internet

What does the future hold? Well, none of us really know for sure.

What we do know is that we’re in midst of some of the biggest plan­e­tary changes in our lifetime.

All we can do is stay healthy and grounded — and attempt to be fully con­scious of what’s going on.

This sec­tion will pro­vide some guid­ance to those peer­ing into the future.

Hope­fully we can cre­ate a map for every­one on this journey.


Wisdom 2.0 was pretty cool

I recently attended this conference in Silicon Valley where the tech sector meets the spiritual community ...

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The Secret of Spiritual Materialism

Are you becoming spiritually sidetracked?...

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That Little Girl

Feeling stuck in your life? You might find it useful to look back to who you were as a young girl of 8 or 9 ...

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Whose Problem Is It Anyway?

I'm learning a great "self secret" about the nature of my mind and my problems.  Most of us spend our entire lives thinking about how to solve our problems. But, we still have problems. We're all still suffering...

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It’s Your Choice: Restoration or Deterioration

Some thoughts on aging...

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The Pill

The Secret Behind the Pill

Experience teaches us that if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Unfortunately, The Pill was not - and still is not - serving our best interests...

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Hormone FAQs

8 things you should know...

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Dances With Hormones

Have your hormones come between you and your MD? You're not alone...

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BHRT Syringes

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement For Dummies

A few key insights into bioidentical hormone replacement...

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Crone Be Gone

Whenever the word “crone” is used to describe an elder woman, I get an uneasy feeling. No matter how many well-meaning writers have attempted to weave a more positive connotation - my gut still protests. Let's find a better word for who we are becoming...

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