What is a Warrior Priestess?


Ram Dass uses “fierce grace” to describe some­one who com­bines divine grace with the pas­sion to embody it.

From this van­tage point, I’ll offer my def­i­n­i­tion of what it means to be a War­rior and a Priestess.

A War­rior

is some­one who is ready and will­ing to do bat­tle with intel­li­gence and truth.

A Priest­ess

is a leader who embod­ies the qual­i­ties of integri­ty, truth, hon­or, wis­dom, and high­er consciousness.

Togeth­er that’s a pow­er­ful propo­si­tion. A War­rior Priest­ess strives to use “fierce grace” in her bat­tle for truth and high­er consciousness.

Does she have all the answers? Of course not. But, she stays open to the inspi­ra­tion that will move her to act — when the time is right.

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